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First Contact Physiotherapists at Brackley Medical Centre and Springfield Surgery respectively, were both delighted to receive anatomical demonstration models funded by Brackley Community Hospital 2020 Trust.  The models will be used to explain to patients at the two surgeries the nature of their musculo-skeletal problems and the treatment plans.  Caryl Billingham , Chair of the Trust said “All our income was freely given by residents of Brackley and the surrounding villages.  It is only right that we are able to use some of these funds to give back to the community equipment that will benefit their recovery and their future care”.

BMC physiotherapist 1BMC physiotherapist 2BMC physiotherapist 3

The Brackley Community Hospital 2020 Trust is keen to keep its supporters and all local residents as well informed as possible. However, in order to inform you all, it is first necessary for us to know things!

We were asked to hand over the public contribution towards the new piece of kit at the end of March and this was done - £90,000. We knew that the machine was delivered onsite at the end of May but we also knew that it would not be immediately operational – commissioning and training would be required first. A decision was therefore made not to publicise the machine’s existence too soon.

An update received yesterday is that there is some connectivity work still to be done between Brackley and Northampton before it can become operational. This is a communications issue and requires the application of IT specialists. The trustees were able to visit the x-ray room yesterday and see that the equipment really does exist.

However, we have to be patient and wait for all the cogs to drop into place before it can come into regular use for us all. And we have to bear in mind that this equipment will be used only for diagnostic and not for emergency x-rays.

In the meantime, this message is the latest information that is available. There is nobody working in any part of the Brackley Medical Centre And Community Hospital on Wellington Road who knows any more, so further details are not yet available.

As soon as we can bring you more news, rest assured we will.


 To date the Brackley Community Hospital 2020 Trust has received just under £500 from Amazon Smile.  Given that they donate just 0.5% of each purchase price, that is a lot of online spending – and it has cost the donors absolutely nothing!  The Trustees are really grateful to all those who have registered this far.


2021 has been a difficult year, but numerous services have continued to come onstream at the new medical facility in Brackley. Large sums of money will be taken from our funds early next year as various major pieces of equipment are installed and activated.

The second -floor terrace at the new Brackley Community Hospital overlooks Turweston Road and has been provided with outdoor furniture, as shown in the pictures, throug the kind generosity of the League of Friends of Brackley Cottage Hospital which hopes to continue to provide amenities for inpatients at the new facility.